Reverse 3D Touch prototyping 3D Touch with a weight sensor.
Telescope little printed city guides.
Notch a little screen for home or work.
Remote healthcare prototyping a remote healthcare platform.
Easypeasy an app to help parents play with their children.
Presence two objects connected to each other to indicate presence.
Processing.A4 a port of J Tarbell's Substrate script to paper and pen.


Industry map a project for University of the Arts London to map the textile industry.
Little Post email-to-print for Little Printer.
Rapha Lookbook a showcase for Rapha's seasonal lookbooks.
Age of Creativity a site for people who work with arts in older age.
Social Canvas a presentation platform built for IDEO.
The Invisible a site about designing software.
Minified the company I run with James Croft.